About Us

Our Story

   Mulberries was first purchased back in 2000 by proud owners Kip and Kathleen Karr. Their first daughter was only one at the time, so together they began building their new life and a new business.  They have since continuously invested charm, dedication, and integrity to the growth of Mulberries Cake Shop.  They never took out a loan for any of their equipment and instead collected new ovens and coolers and other equipment as the business matured. In its baby stages, Mulberries Cake Shop only took up 600 square feet in a little shop on South Gaylord Street.  There was just one tiny cooler, to keep the cake orders cool, a kitchen aid mixer and a small oven. Three years later Mulberries moved to the quaint neighborhood of Old South Pearl Street where they were able to connect with many loyal customers and the demand for cakes grew.  Mulberries moved again in the summer of 2009 to East Colfax, a neighborhood that has been beautifully transforming, and Kathleen's vision was seen to fruition as Mulberries kept expanding. The shop now has two double-stacked ovens, a walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer and more, as well as plenty of room to stretch in the 5,000 square feet it calls home. (Oh, and as if they weren't busy enough, they had also added two more kids to the mix!)
The growth of Mulberries Cake Shop has been incredible.  It has been lead by the fearless heart of Kathleen, who is never afraid to change things and adapt to new ideas and demands, and her husband Kip who has been by her side to make things happen, especially when it comes to moving furniture and fixing all the temperamental equipment!  They have also relied on the strong team behind them.  A lot of the Mulberries employees are family (Kathleen's sister and mom moved from Arizona to help get the ball rolling), and those not related by blood have been pulled in and are most certainly treated like they are family.  The dedication of these employees has helped cement the success of Mulberries Cake Shop, allowing it to become a real mix of innovative designs and a drive to create. Laughter and love is thick in the air at this shop and it wouldn't be surprising if a little of that sweetness spilled into the cakes as well!

Our Commitment

The passion behind Mulberries Cake Shop is to create beautiful cakes which translate the feel of your party into an edible form.  We are happiest around bright colors and fun designs.  We also love to look to the people behind the cakes and really connect with our customers.  We love to watch wedding cakes turn in to baby shower cakes, and baby shower cakes turn in to first birthdays with smash cakes.  We have seen many kids grow up year to year with each birthday cake, and it just makes our hearts leap!  It is the customers that truly make the cakes worthwhile, and we are so grateful for the people that have followed us as we have moved and continue to share our name wherever they go.  We are committed to repaying this loyalty with integrity, connection, and great looking and tasting treats!

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